Italian Soda

Frankie D’s Italian soda is named after my Father Frank Dominello.  Frank loved family gatherings great food, great music and meeting new people.  Frank always had a smile on his face and when he laughed his whole belly laugh was so contagious to those who heard him laugh.  And as a tribute to my Dad “Frank” we came up with the name of Frankie D’s Italian Soda as a fitting tribute to my Dad. We love and miss you Frankie!

Let Frankie D’s Authentic Italian Soda make your next special occasion an event to be talked about for weeks!

Special flavored Italian syrups will create a flavor sensation that can’t be beat!

Frankie D’s Italian soda is a non-alcoholic drink that can be enjoyed by everyone.  Our drink menu will send you into a flavor frenzy!  You will want to try all our flavors.  Click here for a list of drinks.

Frankie D’s is great for the following events:

  • Weddings
  • Holiday Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Office Parties
  • Special Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Pool Parties
  • Graduations
  • Barmitzveh
  • Batmitzveh

Our Drink Menu will take you back to another time, another place.  Relive your youth with the flavors of your childhood.

Frankie D’s Barista Service:

Frankie D’s will provide a friendly barista to mix your special drink.

  • Barista charge is $75 for the first 3 hours. Additional time will be $30 per hour thereafter per barista.
  • 1 Barista will be needed for every 75 guests.
  • Pricing for the soda is $20.00 per bottle opened during the event.  This charge includes Cup, Ice, and Club Soda mixer.  You are never charged for unopened bottles.
  • Gratuity – 25%

For questions please call 614/563-5078 or email us at

Nostro soda italiano è una sensazione di sapore che vi porterà indietro in Italia!