Hot Appetizers

On Hot and Cold Hors D’oeuvers, we suggest a guide of 6-8 pieces total per person.

Coconut Shrimp – $40.00/dozen

Mini Crab Cakes/sauce – Loaded with crab and prepared in a miniature version.
$35.00 dozen (2 dozen minimum)

Chicken Tenders Served with a choice of our savory sauces, BBQ, Spicy roasted garlic, sweet chili. $105.00 (50 pieces)

Mini Cheddar Cheese and Smoke Bacon Burgers $45.00/dozen

Mini Cheese Burgers $35.00/dozen

Jalapeño Poppers $25.00/dozen

Cocktail Meatballs – Italian Marinara, Swedish, BBQ, Sweet Sour  $75.00 (50 count)

Sausage and Mozzarella stuffed Mushroom Caps $45.00/dozen (minimum 2 dozen)

Water Chestnuts Wrapped in Bacon $35.00 dozen (minimum 4 dozen)

Cocktail Franks in a Blanket Mini wieners wrapped in pastry  $65.00 – 50 Count

“Fried” baked 3 Cheese Raviolis served with Marinara Sauce $30.00/dozen

Cold Appetizer

Mini Croissant Sandwiches filled with chicken salad, egg salad, deli meat – $3.25 each (minimum 2 dozen) Roast Beef additional $1.00 cheese add $.50

Shrimp Cocktail Tray – 80 Extra Large Shrimp,   $250.00
Includes cocktail sauce garnished with lemons

Savory Taco Cheese Cake/Tortilla Chips –  $55.00

Deviled Eggs, $15.00/dozen

Fresh Mozzarella and Tomato Tray, serves 15-18 $80.00

25% Gratuity on all full service catered events.