Gourmet Appetizers

(5 days’ notice required for all gourmet appetizer)

Beef, Pork, Lamb

Andouille Sausage En Croute – Cajun spiced Andouille sausage, zesty Pepper Jack cheese, topped with jalapenos, put into our puff pastry.
50 pieces per tray $89.00

Andouille Sausage and Shrimp Kabobs – Spicy New Orleans style Andouille sausage skewered with a large shrimp and crisp red and green peppers on a 6” skewer.
25 pieces per tray $89.00

Asian Short Rib Pot Pie – Tender short ribs braised with green onion and sweet Asian spiced in a tart shell.image005
40 pieces per tray $95.00

Beef Wellington – Savory beef tenderloin/ mushroom duxelle wrapped in puff pastry.
50 pieces per tray $115.00

Braised Short Rib Pierogi – Slow cooked short rib meat is placed inside traditional Pierogi dough.
45 pieces per tray $99.00

Dates with Bleu Cheese Wrapped in Bacon
50 per tray $99.00

Moroccan Lamb Lollipops – Lamb mixed with mild curry and spices and raisins. Rolled onto a lollipop stick and crusted with pistachio crust.
35 pieces per tray $95.00

Roasted Lamb Gyro – Petite pita bread with lightly marinated roasted lamb and topped with Tzatziki sauce.
35 pieces per tray $89.00

Plain Beef Satays – Succulent strip of beef on 6” skewer. Serve with your favorite sauce or spice.
25 pieces per tray $69.00

Pork in BBQ Sauce Wrapped in Bacon on a Skewer
45 pieces per tray $79.00

BBQ Pork in Biscuit Dough – Pulled pork in tangy bbq sauce and placed in handmade biscuit dough.
35 pieces per tray $69.00

Pulled Pork in Cornbread Tender pork drenched in our tangy BBQ sauce. then stuffed inside a delicious handmade cornbread cup.

50 pieces per tray $89.00

Reuben Puffs – corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese layered in a flakey rye pastry.
50 pieces per tray $109.00

Chicken & Duck

Chicken Chilito – a colorful pinwheel of seasoned chicken tenderloin, red, green and yellow peppers with jalapeno cheese on a 4” skewer.
25 pieces per tray $99.00

Chicken Cordon Bleu – chicken, ham and Swiss in delicious puff pastry and baked till golden brown.
50 pieces per tray $99.00

Chili Lime Chicken Kabobs – White meat chicken breast marinated in zesty seasoning blend of chili, lime and cilantro/onions, poblanos and red peppers on a skewer.
25 per tray $79.00

Coconut Chicken Tenders A .75oz. strip of chicken breast dipped in coconut batter and rolled in a mixture of shredded coconut and bread crumbs
35 pieces per tray $79.00

Mediterranean Chicken Kabobs – two pieces of chicken marinated in a medley of Mediterranean flavors including fig, white wine and lemon, then skewered with quartered golden Calimyrna fig ad a roasted tomato.
25 pieces per tray $89.00

Tandoori Chicken – The flavors of roasted garlic, ginger, cayenne peppers, cumin and fresh lime juice are combined for a robust rub for the chicken satay.
25 pieces per tray $69.00

Duck with Apricot Brandy – Tender duck meat mixed with apricot preserves ad distilled brandy in a Phyllo beggar’s purse.
Martin's Catering Photography
50 pieces per tray $109.00

Panang Shrimp– A large shrimp marinated in a spicy ground chili paste with hints of red curry, sautéed leeks and coconut cream, then hand rolled to a spring roll with a parsley leaf.
50 pieces per tray $149.00

Cold Appetizers

Cold Canapé Assortment – Whipped Brie/toasted almonds and fruit chutney in a tart shell, Island seasoned Shrimp on coconut cornbread with cilantro mousse and candied pineapples, Roast beef roulade filled with whipped horseradish mousse and served on a petit toast square, Whipped seafood mousse with back-olive garnish filled with herb-cheese ad garnished with an artichoke heart wedge.
50 pieces per tray $129.00

Creamy Brie Cold Canapés – Creamy whipped brie with toasted almonds and fruit chutney in a tart shell.
50 pieces per tray $129.00

Island Shrimp Canapés – Island seasoned shrimp on coconut cornbread with cilantro mousse and candied pineapples.
50 pieces per tray $129.00

Smoked Salmon Pinwheels – rolled with open-fire oak smoked Scottish salmon. The selection contains whipped spinach mousse garnished with red pepper and dill cream cheese, tangy horseradish mousse with asparagus and stone ground mustard, smoked salmon laced dill cream cheese topped with a medley of red, orange and black caviar.
50 pieces per tray $139.00

Smoked Salmon Roses – rolled with open-fire oak smoked Scottish salmon, combined with a perfect balance of flavors and fresh ingredients on rounds of dark rye ad dill cream cheese mousse.
50 pieces per tray $139.00


Black Bean & Jack Cheese Quiche -45 pieces per tray $69.00
Quiche Florentine – 45 pieces per tray $69.00
Quiche Lorraine – 45 pieces per tray $69.00
Wild Salmon and Asparagus Quiche – 45 pieces per tray $79.00

Deep Dish Mini Pizzas
Cheese – 45 pieces per tray $59.00
Pepperoni – 45 pieces per tray $69.00
Mushroom – 45 pieces per tray $69.00

Sliced Stromboli’s – stuffed with salami, ham, pepperoni and mozzarella side our pizza dough and sliced.
50 pieces per tray $ 85.00

Sandwiches (minis)

Mini American Burgers – topped with American cheese, a pickle and a dab of ketchup or smoked bacon and cheddar cheese.
45 pieces per tray $89.00

Mini Burgers with Bacon and Cheddar – mini burgers topped with smoked bacon and cheddar cheese.
45 pieces per tray $95.00

Cuban sandwich – shredded pork roast and smoked ham, Swiss cheese, with pickle on petite bread.
45 pieces per tray $95.00

Mini Muffaletta – New Orleans classic made with salami, ham, pepperoni & cheese topped with olive tapenade.
45 pieces per tray $95.00

Monte Cristo Sandwich – mini version cut into a triangle containing ham, turkey and swiss on French toast.
56 pieces per tray $95.00

Philly Cheese Steaks – Shaved beef sirloin, American & mozzarella cheese with peppers and spices in a mini brioche roll.
35 pieces per tray $89.00

Soup Boules


Artichoke & Parmesan Purses -Herb marinated chunks of artichoke and parmesan cheese and encrusted in a beggars purse.
50 pieces per tray $ 99.00

Brie with Raspberry – Double cream Brie cheese mixed with toasted almond flakes & topped with raspberry jam, wrapped in filo dough.
56 pieces per tray $85.00

Caramel Apple with Goat Cheese – apples, goat cheese, walnuts and caramel in a filo beggars purse.
50 pieces per tray $99.00

Crispy Asparagus with Asiago rapped in a crispy Phyllo roll
50 pieces per tray $85.00

Mascarpone & Bleu – blended and served in a savory tart shell.
45 pieces per tray $ 89.00

Pear & Brie – Pear mulled in spiced red wine ad blended with delicate brie cheese, all wrapped in flaky layers of Phyllo pastry.
50 pieces per tray $99.00

Chevre and Bacon Tart -Creamy Goat cheese blended with fresh herbs, crumbled bacon, onion and garlic nestled in a hand made tart shell and topped with a piece of oven roasted cherry tomato.

45 pieces per tray $79.00

Gruyere and Summer Leek Tart -Aged gruyere cheese and summer leeks layered into handmade pastry cup.
45 pieces per tray $79.00

48 pieces on a tray 79.00

Vegetable Spring Roll – Chinese vegetables with soy sauce, sesame oil and a touch of ginger wrapped in a spring roll wrapper.
40 pieces per tray $ 79.00

Vegetable Empanadas – onions, eggplant, peppers sundried tomatoes, black beans, Monterey jack and cheddar cheese in a jalapeno and cheddar cheese flavored dough.
35 pieces per tray $79.00

Vegetable Pot Sticker – A crispy mix of vegetables, cabbage, carrots, onions and celery inside a wonton wrapper.
35 pieces per tray $ 79.00


White Holiday Petit Fours – Snow white, Swiss crème layers of luscious cakes with lemon, orange, vanilla, and strawberry butter crème all decorated with a festive touch.

60 pieces per tray $105.00

Petit Fours Chocolate Lovers – A sampler of most requested. Red velvet, double chocolate, Irish crème, coffee liqueur, caramel, cookies ‘n’ crème, royal chocolate, and royal vanilla.
60 pieces per tray $105.00

Petit Fours Coffee Lovers – Four rich coffee flavors, coffee liqueur, cappuccino, Irish crème and French vanilla. A perfect complement for after dinner or an afternoon tea. Hand decorated with drizzle, almonds, or pecans.
60 pieces in a tray $105.00

Petit Four Passion Fruit Assortment – Smooth creamy chocolaty coatings cover the rich flavors of lime, pineapple, berry, orange, strawberry, tangerine and mocha.
60 pieces to a tray $105.00

Chocolate Mousse Cup Assortment -Four various chocolate cups filled with white chocolate, dark chocolate, raspberry and coffee mousses, each with a decorative design on top.

70 pieces per tray $119.00

Gourmet Cheesecake Pops – This decadent assortment consists of the following 3 delicious flavors: strawberry and pistachio, mocha coffee with cookie crumble and mild chocolate with coconut.

50 pert tray $99.00

Macaroons Round – pastry made from ground almond sugar and egg whites. Assorted flavors.
48 per tray $89.00