Chesse tray with dried fruit and nuts deluxe

Have you ever heard words to “perfectly” describe something? So simple, you wonder why you didn’t think of it.

Many times, Tim and I have invited people into our home for a cooking class or prepared a meal that would possibly be served to guests for a special event at a later date. People have walked in our door as strangers, but always left as friends. We have shared a meal together and have taken the time out of our busy lives to get to know one another a little better. Our paths may never cross again, but the moments we shared were a blessing.

I saw the “perfect words” for me today. “Love people. Cook some tasty food.” This is why Feasts from the Pantry exists! My passion for cooking continues to thrive because of the people I am blessed to serve.

For those of you Tim and I have met and served, THANK YOU! Those of you we have yet to meet, I look forward to sharing a meal and our time together getting to know you a little better.